Saturday, May 29, 2010


Song writing is an art. Some people are better at it than others. How does one decide if a song is better than another? Does the beauty lie in the ears of the beholder?

Anyway, I was listening to some John Butler Trio the other day because a friend mentioned him to me. Then I was listening to some Dave Matthews Band, one of my favorite groups because of their diverse technical playing (although I'm not really a big fan of his vocals). Love the mix of guitar/drums/bass/sax and their drummer, Carter Beauford, is insanely talented. Anyway, I came across two of their songs that sound very similar. 'Big Eyed Fish' by DCB and 'What You Want' by John Butler Trio. Yes, I know they're not exactly the same...

And yes, I know you can find thousands of similar sounding songs out there that use the same riffs...just look at most of the songs we sing in church - not exactly the most diverse assortment of music available out there. I wonder if it's purposely done to avoid the music becoming a distraction and taking away the focus from God? I often find myself turning to secular bands or artists for my everyday listening because of the paucity of music diversity in praise & worship music. Is this a bad thing? Shouldn't everything we do be aimed to give glory to God?




Anonymous Anonymous said...

If my heart and flesh cry out to our living God (Pslam 84), shouldn't it be expressed in an unhindered, sincere, God-glorifying way? Perhaps we *are* lacking in this Psalm-like rawness in our music.

Or perhaps everyone is just running out of ideas Or they are doing it in a way that is "tasteful" to a most people. Oh how I love you I IV V. Glorify God or satisfy people? Create an environment "suitable" for corporate worship through songs or make a joyful noise?

Random thoughts :) more questions then thoughts though

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