Thursday, March 12, 2009


Just found out that I will be heading to Ayr from Aug 3 to Sept 25 for my rural rotation. It think it's pronounced "air" but who knows? The Aussies call Cairns "Cans", Mackay "Macai", and Melbourne "Melbin". Last year in my preference form I had put down a town called Mossman that is located even further north up by Cairns. The plan was to visit Cairns and the surrounding area on the weekends. My flatmate and I both landed the same rural placement so we'll most definitely still be doing some sight-seeing from Ayr. We're both pretty happy about being somewhere north and also being in a town that's near the coast. I definitely do not envy whoever has to go to Mt. Isa or some other town in the middle of the continent.

We'll have to decide how we're going to get there. I believe there will be a week of orientation in Rockhampton prior to the start of our rotation. I was thinking of maybe making a road trip? Would take a lot longer (only about a 16 hr drive from Brisbane) but I could probably bring more stuff with me.

A is for Ayr!

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