Monday, December 15, 2008

In Your Atmosphere

So today I got sick of studying and thought take a break and test the acoustics in the bathroom. Everything echos a bit more and has a natural reverb in there but I don't think it really makes a difference with my built-in laptop mic. One of my favorite songs off John Mayer's live recorded album "Where The Light Is" is an acoustic song called In Your Atmosphere. According to this tab I found, it uses a funky tuning of eBF#EBE (I don't even know what this tuning would be called). Also, I think the lyrics to the 3rd verse are wrong on that site. They should be:

"I don't think I'm gonna go there anymore
I get lost on the boulevard at nite
Without your voice to tell me
'I love you, take a right'
The ten and the two is a lonely sight."

It makes more sense for it to be "take a right" because his ex would have given him directions so he wouldn't get lost in LA. "The ten and the two" are probably referring to his hand positions on the steering wheel that remind him of her when he drives around in LA without her. Anyway...i fiddled around with the tab and sorta came up with my own version. Another great song musically and lyrically by John Mayer.



Blogger 44darts said...

sweet song.
sweet cover.

i agree, i think it's:
i love you, take a right.

but i think it's:
the ten and the two is the loneliest sight.

not that it changes the meaning of the song much. :p

12:37 PM  

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