Thursday, September 25, 2008

The House of God

Despite having "God" in the title, this book has absolutely nothing to do with God (well, maybe not absolutely nothing but pretty close to nothing...the book itself does highlight in my mind a need for God in our lives with all the crap that can and often does fly through the air at us). Yes, you read correctly, I'm talking about a book that I read that isn't a textbook. Now although I've never considered reading to be an interest of mine, I find that I do enjoy reading if I can settle myself down to read (I have the attention span of a six-year old) and not fall asleep immediately.

So two of my flatmates had read 'The House of God' and, since I heard that it's a must read for anyone considering/beginning a career path in medicine, decided to give it a go. Throughout the book I often found myself unimpressed with the sexual references and had to periodically remind myself of the satirical nature of the book when I hit those super dark and ugly portions. In hindsight I do not regret reading the book (it had many funny and clever moments) but there were a couple of times early on that I considered putting it down and not continuing due to Dr. Basch's dark cynicism and objectification of women.

Will I be able to handle living the rest of my life working with sick, old and/or dying people? The very fact that I'll be seeing them means that something's wrong with them. Only time will tell but I hope that knowing God's purpose for my life will keep me on track...and if not then hopefully I'll have a support group of people around to hold me together through the rough patches.

Laws of the House of God: (courtesy of the fat man)

1. Gomers don't die
2. Gomers go to ground
3. At a cardiac arrest, the first procedure is to take your own pulse
4. The patient is the one with the disease
5. Placement comes first
6. There is no body cavity that cannot be reached with a #14 needle and a good strong arm
7. Age + BUN = Lasix dose
8. They can always hurt you more
9. The only good admission is a dead admission
10. If you don't take a temperature, you can't find a fever
11. Show me a BMS (best medical student from the best medical school) who only triples my work and I will kiss his feet
12. If the radiology resident and the medical student both see a lesion on the chest x-ray, there can be no lesion there
13. The delivery of good medical care is to do as much nothing as possible

Perhaps I will start posting more about what I read. I have gone through a really small book called 'Nothing in My Hand I Bring' by Ray Galea that compares the differences between Roman Catholic and Protestant beliefs. A very quick and easy read and I would recommend it for anyone who isn't sure of what the differences are. I think next on my list is free book I got by Dr. KP Yohannan called 'Revolution in World Missions'. Until then, it's off to read all about rheumatology... x_x

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