Monday, May 12, 2008

Clubbing Mnemonic

So I think you pretty much look for finger/toe clubbing on examination of any system. Today I was going over some past exams and were we trying to remember some of the causes of clubbing (since there's a ton of them and the mechanisms behind clubbing are not all known). For anyone out there who is looking for a clubbing mnemonic, this one's gold! Got this from a our super awesome 3rd year tutors =) =)

CLUBBING (with ABCDEF for lung diseases)

  • C yanotic heart disease
  • L ung diseases
    • A bscess
    • B ronchiectasis
    • C ystic fibrosis
    • D on't say COPD!!!
    • E mpyema
    • F ibrosis
  • U lcerative colitis + Crohn's (Inflammatory Bowel Diseases)
  • B iliary cirrhosis
  • B irth defect
  • I nfective endocarditis
  • N eoplasm (lung cancer, mesothelioma)
  • G I malabsorption syndromes (Coeliac disease)



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Excellent . . thanks mate!

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That's amazing, thank you so much!

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really useful, thanks!

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Thanks a bunch!


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thanx a lot. =D

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