Thursday, February 21, 2008

Things That Make Me Smile

Usually there's something that I encounter or witness during the day that brings a smile to my face. Sometimes it's something highly amusing. Other times, it's a nice gesture by someone.

Today, I was in the men's washroom washing my hands and this guy's cell phone started to ring while he was manning the urinal. To my surprise, he actually answered his phone and started talking to his buddy on the other end while urinating. Unbelievable. Maybe he has no phone credit and can't call the person back.

This week was orientation week on campus and there's been a lot of free stuff being handed out. Getting free stuff always makes me smile. I'm slowly building up my collection of red-bull-like energy drinks that they hand out from the back of a trunk. Having coffee made pretty much every morning by my flatmate and often even breakfast made also brings a smile to my face at the beginning of the day. I <3 you guys!

Finding cheap stuff at the grocery store also makes me smile =)



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