Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I posted something about guitar acquisition syndrome (aka. GAS) a while back. I went on about how I didn't really understand how people could own like 10 guitars - especially say five Stratocasters. I mean sure, you could argue that variables like different woods and different pickups make them all unique instruments. Maybe if you're a professional musician...

I went through a bit of a scare back in November when I was told that the guy who's garage I stored my stuff in was broken into. Someone had gone through my boxes of stuff and he thought that some of it might have been stolen. Among the things of value were my G&L Legacy, my Roland MicroCube amp, and my textbooks. By the grace of God, none of the stuff I could think of was taken.

Since I've been back, I picked up another G&L. My excuse was that it was mainly for my brother who has been using a very cheap Fender Squier strat that doesn't stay in tune through one song. I ended up going with an ASAT Special from their Tribute series (made in Korea) with two high-output American made P90 pickups. It's G&L's version of a Telecaster and has an F-hole. I really liked the feel and the sound of it. For the price, it's a great instrument and almost feels as good as my Legacy (which was made in the USA).

For whatever reason, my parents decided to get a drum set. It's a Christmas present for both my brother and I. But the catch is that I'm only home for another 2 weeks. I spent about 2 hrs yesterday playing along with some worship songs and it was awesome!



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