Sunday, October 28, 2007


So I've made it to Taipei in one piece. The flight was pretty uneventful with a little bit of turbulence here and there. Every single time there was a little turbulence, the captain would turn on the fasten seat belt sign and one of the air hostesses would instruct us to please make our way back to our seats and buckle up for our safety. Now this wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't for the fact that they pause your movie/game to do this. They must have done this at least 5 times. Oh well, safety first right?

The last few days have been pretty full-on with getting ready to return home for the summer break. Wednesday was pretty much a write off with some post-exam celebrations. Thursday I went into the city to pick up a few things to bring back home and to get some large storage bins. In the end, I had to get six 100L containers to hold all the stuff that I wasn't going to be bringing back home with me and I STILL ran out of room. I can't believe how much stuff I've accumulated over the past 9 months. In the end I ended up forgetting to pack away my pillows. Other tasks of the day included getting my student ID card changed so that my Chinese name read "Cheuk Hung" instead of "CheukHung," getting my passport and foreign currency from my safety deposit box, and having a little left-over dinner party where we helped Susan eat what was left in her fridge.

On Friday, I picked up some spray paint to touch up some paint on the ceiling that I had accidentally peeled off. Also had to sort out some rental stuff and then say goodbye to some people from church. Watched a movie called Facing the Giants, a high school football movie heavily based on Christian themes and values. It was a good reminder that with God, all things are possible. Seeing them play football reminded me of home and how I will soon be able sit in front of the television and enjoy the familiar sports of football and hockey. Later on that evening, we were watching the movie Carrie on TV. Based on a Steven King novel, it was about this high school girl who has telekinetic powers. She goes crazy and ends up killing everyone on prom night.

Saturday was a lot of fun. Rented an SUV for moving and for getting to the airport the following morning. Had an awesome brunch with Albert and some of his housemates and just got some final packing and cleaning in. Had one last Aussie meal of Vietnamese noodles. Definitely not going to miss the food in Brisbane haha.

Still have 4.5 hours to kill in the airport...



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