Thursday, June 07, 2007

By the Numbers...


The pairs of black socks that I have left. I don't know why but I seem to be putting holes in all my black socks. I don't know if it's because I have fewer pairs and thus they get worn more often when I need to wear black socks with black shoes - or maybe my black shoes are wearing them out? Either way, my laundry schedule does not coincide well with the days I need to dress-up. Going to stop into K-mart this weekend to fix this situation...


The number of times I can use a tea bag. I always have coffee first thing in the morning but during my last few weeks of studying, I decided to drink tea in the evenings. Alternating between black and green (my favorite Twinings Earl Grey and a less spectacular Lipton green tea), I found that I could use the same tea bag three times with water in my Starbucks coffee mug. The fourth time was pretty watered down.


Forget about Jack Bauer...this is how many days of holidays I have until the grind starts up all over again with Week 19. In fact, it's more like 23.5 since half of today is already gone. I'm pretty excited to have Meera and Eric visit me during the break. A group of seven of us are going on a week-long sailing trip up at the Whitsunday Islands in less than two weeks! We rented a Seawind 1000 sailing catamaran. Here's what the boat looks like:


This is how many flashcards I managed to make in my attempt to memorize all the drugs that we covered this semester that were on our essential drug list. I didn't actually make enough cards for all of them since I sort of ran out of time and I knew drugs were going to be pretty low yield on our exam. But I should have made 40...stupid proximal tubule carbonic anhydrase inhibitors! Nobody even uses those diuretics anyway! This semester I plan to make them for the drugs that we cover each week.

Three hundred sixty three

The number of days until my next birthday. I spent most of my actual birthday studying and trying not to stress out about my exam. I met another girl, Cassy, who shares the same bday and she hosted a nice little party that evening. It was great to take a few hours of a study break to chill with people. Last night a bunch of us went for a steak dinner at this place in Woolloongabba. I thought it was just going to be my roommates and I but a bunch of others turned up as well - a pleasant surprise. The food was good and it was nice to kick back, enjoy a nice meal, and enjoy the company of friends. Would post up a few pics but I'm waiting on the photographers to get back to me hehe.

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