Sunday, March 04, 2007

Matt's New Aussie Vocab: Part Deux

There might be some overlap from part one. This is a lesson in communicating down under.

Understanding an Aussie Bloke:

G'day mate = Pleased to make your acquaintance
He's blotto = Inebriated beyond the capacity to stand up
You little ripper! = Words of praise fail me
Rack off = Your presence is no longer required
Fair dinkum = Of course I'm telling you the truth
Pull ya head in = You may be correct in your assertion but shut up
Wanna rage? = Would you like to drink large amounts of alcohol with me until we both drop?
You dronge = A rather dimwitted person
Your shout = If you value your well being you should buy the next drink
Go on = I'm not entirely convinced you know what you're talking about
Whadayawant? = Might I enquire about your needs?
Have a chunder = The delicate act of regurgitation
You pong = Dear me, we do smell don't we
Bloody oath! = I'm in total agreement with you
Howya going? = May I enquire about your welfare?
Give it a go ya mug! = Are you perhaps incapable of performing this act?

Understanding an Aussie Gal:

Wanna cuppa? = Would you care for some tea?
Go and tart yourself up = Please dress in your best clothes
Wanna come to our piss-up? = You are invited to our party
How ya goin' luv? = I hope you are feeling well
Don't get your knickers in a knot = Don't upset yourself
What's the latest goss? = Any juicy news?
The old man's shot through = My husband's left town
Shut ya gob! = Tell someone who cares
Don't crap on = Aren't you exaggerating?
Could I bot a fag? = May I have one of your cigarettes?
Grouse lippy = What a nice shade of lipstick



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