Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Avs Playoff Hopes Gone?

Well, this past week I went through five stages of hockey grief...

· Denial

Danny: "So did you hear the trade news?"
Matt: "What trade news?"
Danny: "Colorado traded Tanguay."
Matt: "Haha, ya right. That's a good one."

· Anger

Danny: "Dead serious. They got Leopold and a couple second round draft picks."
Matt: "WTF?!? They traded him to CALGARY? What was Giguere thinking trading with a division rival!! Tanguay is an all-star and Leopold is an offensive d-man who can't score! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Darryl Sutter and his Jedi mind tricks!" *runs around flailing arms around*

· Bargaining

Matt: "Okay, okay, this was all done to make some room under the cap to resign Blake. Now they can make him a decent offer. The Avs do need more help with defence than offense..."

· Depression

Danny: "Did you hear Blake signed backed with LA?"
Matt: "WHAT?!? Now the Avs are screwed..." *cries*

· Acceptance

Yes...I've finally reached acceptance. I've accepted that the stupid signing bonuses ($4.6 million split evenly between Sakic and Blake paid out this year) have screwed them over and have brought Lacroix's shrewdness as a GM into question. I totally forgot that with that, it puts the Avs at around $42 million if they sign all their RFA's (Liles, Svatos, etc.). With $2 mil you can't do much on the free agent market so I don't expect any changes to their roster.

Terry Frei, Denver Post columnist and a regular contributor to ESPN.com wrote a nice little bit on the future of the Avs. A couple of choice quotes regarding the only way the Avs can hope to win the Western Conference next season:

if..."Error-prone defenseman Patrice Brisebois, making an incredible $3 million in the second of his two-year deal, plays no more than 12 minutes a game."

Lauren Pronger, the wife of Mighty Ducks defenseman Chris Pronger, decides she likes Anaheim even less than she did Edmonton, causing Chris to demand another trade - this time to the Eastern Conference."

Sakic misses the Jan. 24 All-Star Game in Dallas because of a minor injury, and all those who play for the Western Conference are quarantined for six weeks afterward because an equipment man shows signs of bird flu. The fears prove groundless, but the damage is done to the Western Conference franchises with elite players and the Avalanche surges into a playoff spot."



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