Saturday, October 01, 2005

Yahoo Team

So I did sign up for a public fantasy league on Yahoo! Sports. There were 12 people in the draft and I was #8. Here's the team i scraped up:

Centers: Lang (Det), Spezza (Ott), Langkow (Cal)
Left Wings: Zetterberg (Det), Brunette (Col), Simon (Cal)
Right Wings: Heatley (Ott), Selanne (Anh), Fedotenko (TB)
Defensemen: Redden (Ott), Leopold (Cal), Rafalski (NJ), Hamrlik (Cal)
Goalies: Kiprusoff (Cal), Hasek (Ott), Garon (LA)

I have 4 players from the Senators and 5 from the Flames. Not sure how good of a strategy it is but I figure these two teams will be among the top in their conferences so they're bound to collect piles of points (or get plenty of shutouts behind a solid defense). Only time will tell.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:37 PM  
Blogger threeup said...

lol at the fake comment ^

You are one LW away from a super awesome team. Although with the rotisserie-ness Simon might be decent way to get #1 in PIM.
I'm curious as to what your first 3 picks were. Kipper and Hasek and ..? You seem to have tons of midlevel studs but i dunno who would be your super star.

6:49 PM  
Blogger Charuzu said...

Yah, picking from the sens should be a safe bet... its difficult to see them not excelling in the east. The Spezza and Heatley combo will probably rack up the most points for your offense, but I also think that Selanne should do pretty well now that he's back with the Ducks.

Things are gonna get interesting in the West >:)

2:52 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

My Draft order was:
1. Kiprusoff
2. Hasek
3. Lang
4. Heatley
5. Spezza
6. Redden
7. Zetterberg
8. Leopold
9. Simon
10. Selanne
11. Rafalski
12. Hamrlik
13. Langkow
14. Brunette
15. Fedotenko
16. Biron

1:37 AM  

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