Saturday, May 28, 2005

Long time no blog

Wow, it's been almost two months since i've updated this thing. I guess I've been too busy to be bothered with putting my experiences and thoughts in text.

Finally made it through the winter sememster. However, school has not ended since I am taking macroeconomics during this spring semester. It doesn't quite feel like school since it's in the evenings and it's only one class. I have to say it's been pretty interesting so far. My prof is a good lecturer who makes the class fun by using good examples and going on rants about the fishermen in BC using up all our hard-earned tax money in the form of EI, the "stinking socialists", and the gong show that we call the Liberal government. So far the 170 minute classes have been bearable. 3 down, only 8 or so left to go.

Most of my time has been occupied by work. For the third consecutive summer it's back to the lab helping out with some research at the Health Sciences building with the University of Calgary department of Medicine. Currently, I've been tasked with completing the analysis on a project that has been ongoing for the last few years. I performed various experiments last summer and did some data collection for it and now that we have enough data, my task has been to finish analyzing it all so that my boss can use it to publish a paper. I could get into all the nitty-gritty details but I don't really feel like it and people probably don't want to hear about it. So it's a win-win situation.

A couple weeks ago I finally got my own guitar. After using my Uncle's old Yamaha SJ-180 acoustic for about 3 years, I've upgraded to a Takamine EG334SB-C electric acoustic. I guess procrastination is an all encompassing lifestyle that isn't limited to school in my case. I've found a decent sized picture of it here online:

Mine has gold tuners but is otherwise looks identical. I really enjoy the sound of it. It has a very clean, crisp sound that topped all the other acoustic electrics I tried. Since it's my first guitar and I'm not that good I didn't go crazy trying to find the perfect one. I did realize that more expensive guitars do sound better. I tried a few Taylors and others in the $1000's without looking at the price tag and I did think they sounded better.


Blogger Charuzu said...

Nice git-box (^_^)

Learning how to play the guitar is on my looooong 'to do' list in life, hehe

1:50 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Ya, me too.

I think it's somewhere between "Travel the world" and "Become fluent in another language"...

So many dreams, so much more procrastination...

10:29 PM  
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